Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Retro Toy Chest Day 2: Captain Power and My Pet Monster

‘’In the year 2147 humanity has been nearly wiped out after the Metal Wars, where machine fought man – and machine won. Out of the Ashes of defeat came Jonathan Power (Tim Dunigan) and his masters of combat, humanity’s only hope against Lord Dread (David Hemblen) and his Bio Dread Empire. Guided by his father’s credo, “…to protect and preserve all life,” they became known as CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE.’’

The Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future live-action television series ran for 22 episodes in 1987-88. It told the story of the war between humanity’s resistance fighters, led Captain Power, and the Machines led by Lord Dread.

Captain Power by bucky

I had the brief flirtation with Captain Power, as alot of kids did. Which isn't very long, considering the shelf life of the entire line. My first exposure to Captain Power was a mock news commercial that had a cut in, as if it were being received accidental. At that age, I didn't quite understand what was going on, and my brother tried telling me it was real and it was all over the news.
Fibbing brothers aside, the television show caught my interest, and soon I had a smattering of the toys. I thought the show was incredible, though I doubt I understood some of the darker plots of the series. I recall having the Power On energizer, the Captain, Lord Dredd, Lt. Chase, and my absolute favorite, Sauron.
I tried my best with this custom, and it falls into the mix of being true to the toy, and true to the show costume.

Parts list:
Scrap Iron head, modded
Cobra Commander arms
Iron Man upper Torso, Roc Duke lower
Wraith Lower Legs
Snake Eyes Thighs

The American Greeting Company launched My Pet Monster in 1986. The plush doll was available in several sizes and always included a pair of plastic orange handcuffs. These could be worn by kids and could break apart. The toy also spawned a live action film and an animated series that ran for 13 episodes.

My Pet Monster by bucky

My Pet Monster-I vividly remember this doll, some cartoon episodes, and seeing numerous commercials. I remember wanting it for Christmas one year, but not getting it. I do believe that was around the year where we had some financial struggles, and we didn't get much at all. As a kid, you don't understand, as a parent, you do :-) . I got over it pretty quick. While researching some 80's properties for the project, this guy came up and brought back some memories. I'm not used to making non human customs, so this one was a nice change of pace, and a different challenge, as the joints and rubbing points were different from Joes. I lucked out in Beast had blue fur to begin with, so that helped out. Instead of going cute and cuddly on him, I went the actual Monster look. I'll save the cute and cuddly for later in the reveals.

Parts list:
Marvel Beast figure with sculpted nose
Chain from a Storm Shadow figure
Cuffs are sculpted on

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  1. These are definitely two properties I loved as a kid that I've sadly kind of abandoned. I really wish I still had my My Pet Monster! I'm glad you integrated the cuffs into the figure because, let's be honest, those were the coolest part!

    Captain Power looks awesome as well. I still have a few of my figures and vehicles around although my Cap is missing his right hand for some reason. Your custom is incredible, though! Your parts list there is really inspired.

    1. Thanks! Captain Power is remembered fondly by a lot of people (including myself), so bucky worked hard to do the character justice. He passed with flying colors in my opinion as well.