Monday, 29 February 2016

Retro Toy Chest Day 15: Final Thoughts and PSA

Final ThoughtsWhen we started this project it was originally meant to be strictly crossovers. At some point, we asked ourselves, do we really want this to be that contained? In other words, did we want to force ourselves to create them in a way that these could exist in the GI Joe Multiverse? After some discussion of the limitations of that approach, we decided to keep it simple, keep our options open, and try to make fun customs that elicit feelings of nostalgia from a variety of franchises using Joe parts. Some ended up being crossovers that could easily fit into the Joe-verse and some did not, but we think all of them capture the feelings of being a kid again. This era in toys was not only a magical time for us as we lived through it and played with these toys, but was a fantastic time in toy history.

We’re thrilled to have taken this two week trip down memory lane with you guys. Thanks to everyone who followed, liked and commented. Your feedback is always appreciated.

And now, a public service announcement

Combat Carl by Dusty79

Combat Carl is an interesting addition to this project in that he is fake retro. When I saw the retro GI Joe like public service announcement on my son's copy of Toy Story of Terror, I immediately knew I wanted to make the figure someday, but it kept getting put on the backburner. This project was the perfect oppurtunity to find a way.

Combat Carl:
Retaliation Ninja Dojo Roadblock-body, webgear
GIJCC Tiger Force Stalker-head
Fodder for grenades and sheath


  1. That's awesome!

    I loved Combat Carl in the Toy Story of Terror! You did a great job of bringing him to life!

    Btw, Have you see the episode of Community where the entire episode is a G.I. Joe like cartoon with the main cast as various Joe influenced characters? That'd be a fun custom project!

    1. Thanks! That was great episode of Community. I re-ted it recently with an eye toward making customs of the characters. I'd love to take on that project when my current batch of projects is done.