Thursday, 25 February 2016

Retro Toy Chest Day 11: GUTS!

''You command them to penetrate enemy lines, infiltrate and perform sabotage missions! They're warrior specialists with the best warfare technology in their hands. They've got the right stuff to get the toughest job done! They've got...GUTS!''

GUTS! was a line of small (2.5''-3'') army men. Released in 1986, each figure was molded in one piece, had no articulation and was painted. They were available in packs of 2, 5 and 10 and there were 6 squads for a grand total of 60 different soldiers to collect.

I loved army men as a kid. I probably had about a hundred of these plastic guys and they got at least as much play time as my Joes. So when GUTS! were released, I jumped at the chance to collect some. The TV commercial was really cool too. Aside from the size and the paint, the thing that set these apart was the styling. These little guys looked like they jumped out of 80's action movies like Rambo or Commando. Also, each one had a name and a one line bio on the back of the packaging.

For this project, I picked one member of each of the six squads to recreate in 3.75'' format.

GUTS by Oreobuilder

Green Berets: Steel Fingers and Detail
The Green Berets were my favorite of the 6 types as a kid. They were all clad in khaki uniforms and well, green berets. They were also the only group to include a dog (or any type of animal)

Steel Fingers
Weapon: Hi-Impact M-16
''Not afraid to tangle with tanks''

Head: Avac cast
Beret: Marauder John
Torso, arms, hands: Ret Kwinn
Legs: ROC Pit Commando
Skirt: ROC Zartan

Weapon: Armed to the teeth
''Pure bred for fighting''

All: ROC Order with no mods

Ground Troops: Hawkeye
These guys are the regular army soldiers type. They had green uniforms and some had painted camouflage.

Weapon: Capped-off carbine and viewfinder
''Accurate aim is this warrior of vision's claim to fame!''

Head: 25th Hawk
Torso, skirt, arms: ROC Zartan
Legs: ROC Pit Commando

Aikido Force: Tiger Tooth
It wouldn't be an '80s property without ninjas. There were 10 to collect.

Head: Star Wars
Helmet: Star Wars Death Star Trooper
Torso, arms, vest, legs: Ret Budo
Skirt: VvV Slash

Jungle Fighters: Beach Bum
The Jungle Fighters were the Rambo types. Most of them were bare-chested and carried big guns.

Head: True Heroes Pirates
Torso, upper arms: Jurassic Park Joe
Lower arms, hands, lower legs: 25th Bazooka
Upper legs: Ret Roadblock

Laser Fighters: Captain Burns

These guys were the astronauts/sci-fi troopers of the line.

Weapon: Turbo-thrust flame-thrower
''He heats up the battle''

Head: 25th Barbecue
Everything else: RoC Flash
Backpack: 30th Airtight
Weapon: 30 Sci Fi

Underwater Demolitions Team: Major Mac Krell
The divers of the group, I honestly did not even remember these until I started doing research for this project.

Weapon: Magnetic mini-torpedo
''A frogman with firepower''

Head, torso, arms, legs, mask: ROC Wetsuit
Backpack:DG Shipwreck

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  1. These are absolutely amazing!

    I love GUTS and I've loved them since I was a child! I just finished my collection back in 2013 by picking up the laser troopers and a few figures that had went missing here and there.

    Your customs are incredible! I've always wanted to see GUTS come back in some way and these bring a smile to my heart.

    And Detail, man. That dog rules!

    1. Thanks Barbecue17, these were among my favorites from the whole project as well. I'm hoping to make more to add to the ranks.