Sunday, 14 February 2016

Retro Toy Chest Contest

*We've all got those fond memories, the toys we remember from our youth that to this day, are the logs in the nostalgia fire.

PHX customs remembers them too, and starting Monday, we hope that you will tune in for our newest project, Retro Toy Chest, where we celebrate toys we remember fondly that weren't named GI JOE.

For custom celebration 10, we have a new contest for everyone!
Make a custom of a toy that tickles your nostalgia bone! The contest will run from today, February 13th, to February 29th.

All entries must be received by midnight on the last day (Feb. 29th), via email. You can email any member of PHX Customs ( Winners will be revealed the first week of March!

Rules: The only "rule" is there has to be a GI JOE part in your entry and it has be a new custom. Use your imagination! The contest isn't about the prettiest paint job, it's about the creativity of everyone participating. We ask that you include a reference picture in your submission email, as there are so many properties to chose from, that some might be unknown to everyone.

Other than that, go wild, and help us party on with Custom Celebration X!!!!

The PHX gang – Bucky, Dusty79, and Oreobuilder

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