Saturday, 13 February 2016

New Project and New Contest Coming Tomorrow!

So far, 2016 has been pretty quiet here on my little part on the internet. Even though I have not been posting very much, I have been customizing quite a bit. I have been working a few different projects and one of them is ready to launch!

Check out the blog tomorrow for details on a new contest that my friends at PHX Customs and I have been working on. It will tie in with a couple of different events happening over the next couple of weeks.

Starting Monday, over on, Custom Celebration 10 is getting under way. For two weeks, some of the best customizers on the net have a bunch of contests, challenges, tutorials and lots more to sparks your creativity. Whether you are a seasoned customizer, a beginner looking to learn or someone who has never picked up a paint brush, there is something for everyone.

Also starting Monday and running for two weeks, PHX Customs (Bucky, Dusty79 and I) will roll out our latest project. By now, you know the drill, there will be new customs revealed every day for 15 straight days. I'll post information about the theme tomorrow along with our contest details, so stay tuned.

Enjoy aand see you tomorrow!


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