Friday, 2 October 2015

Funskool Fridays! The Original 13

Part 1: Original 13

Rumor has it that the famous ‘’Emerald Zap’’, blue Snake Eyes, blue Short Fuse and red Stalker were all originally produced during Funskool’s first product run in 1988. Their colors were so different from their North American counterparts that they were revised almost immediately. These figures (and a few others) are the rarest, hardest to find and most valuable GI Joe figures ever produced. If anyone has better info, please feel free to chime in. I still have a lot to learn about Funskool Joes.

Emerald Zap
‘’Emerald Zap’’ was one of the first figures I made in this series. He is a simple repaint of the standard 25th OG13 figure, but I liked the bright green of the original so I tried to replicate it here.

Head, torso, arms: DG Duke
Legs: 25th Snake Eyes
Bazooka, backpack: PoC Steel Brigade

Blue Hawk is also amongst the rarest Funskool figures ever produced. He was packed in with a yellow and orange version of the MMS. For my homage, I elected to skip the MMS and gave him a recolored version of Scrap Iron’s launcher instead.

Head: PoC Hawk
Everything else: 25th Comic Pack Hawk
Launcher: 25th Scrap Iron

Short Fuse
Short Fuse was first Joe in 1982, so I have always been attached to the character. Although painting the light blue was a pain, I’m happy with the way the figure came.

Head: 25th Steeler:
Everything else: 25th Comic Pack Hawk


Snake Eyes
I think I’ll use this as ‘’pyjamas’’ Snake Eyes in my collection.

Head: DG Snake Eyes
Everything else: 25th Comic Pack Hawk
Rifle: Marauder


Stalker (Green)
Although most of the figure is pretty close to the Hasbro version, Funskool Stalker is different in one pretty important way, so I thought it would be worth making.

Head: 50th Flint
Everything else: 25th Comic Pack Hawk

Stalker (Red)
Stalker is one of several red figures in this series. He came out a bit shinier than I would have liked. I’ll probably hit him with another coat of super flat finish.

Head: RoC Hawk
Everything else: 25th Comic Pack Hawk


More next week...



  1. I LOVE these figures ! I have always preferred brighter color schemes on action figures in general so doing it on Joes (my fav figs) is a win/win. What type/brand of paints do you use ?

  2. Thanks! I generally use Tamiya for 95% on my projects. Since Funskool figures have some funky colors, I had to supplement my range with Duncan and Americana acrylics. They don't go on as smooth as Tamiya, so I had to thin them out with water and apply an extra coat. After that, I got the result that I was looking for.


    1. How do the Tamiya paints compare to the Model Masters acrylic line? Do you know? I've used the Model Masters brand for one project and was pleased with the result, but it wasn't as extensive as what you've done here. Which I love by the way.

    2. Unfortunately, I have never tried Model Masters, so I don't know how the two compare.