Friday, 23 October 2015

Funskool Fridays! New Characters

Part 4: New Characters


Skydiver is a one of a few characters created by Funskool for their GI Joe line. According to his file card, he is a bit of a one-man army that can give Big Brawler a run for his money.

Head: RoC Duke
Helmet: 25th Airborne
Backpack: Renegades Ripcord
Everything else: 50th Beachhead

Street Hawk w. motorcycle
Street Hawk was created by Funskool and is based off the 1985 movie of the same name. Funskool intended it to be a race bike and as such did not include any armament with the original. For my version, I added the side mounted mini-gun and gave the figure a sub-machine gun. I will be using the figure as a Street Viper, a motorized division of the Alley Vipers.

Head: PoC Cobra Commander
Torso, arms: Ret Snake Eyes
Legs: RoC Neo-Viper
Helmet: PoC Alley Viper
Harness: RoC MARS Officer

Motorcycle: (Beat up) Vintage RAM

Super Cop
Super Cop may very well be the best known of Funskool’s exclusive characters, probably (in part) because the original re-used Sgt Slaughter’s head. According to his file card, Super Cop certainly lives up to his code name. He is an expert with all kinds of pistols and rifles. He is also an expert marksman that never misses his target. For my custom, I did not have a spare Slaughter head, so I used one that was in my fodder box that had shades and a ‘stache. Wild Bill’s head is a bit undersized so, I will keep my eyes open for a better one to replace this one in the future.

Head: 25th Wild Bill
Hat: VvV Wild Bill
Everything else: 25th Hawk


  1. The Street Viper is hands down my fave of this lil project so far! Great work