Friday, 9 October 2015

Funskool Fridays! Interesting Colors - Cobra

Part 2: Cobra Interesting Colors

Red Buzzer is one of the rarer Funskool figures. The red shirt and brown hair set him apart from his North American version somewhat. I had a pretty complete 25th Buzzer disassembled in my fodder bins, so I took a crack at it.

Lower arms: 25th 5-pack (3rd) Storm Shadow
Everything else: 25th Buzzer

Major Bludd
Blue and yellow Major Bludd is another figure that is considered pretty rare. I like how the Funskool version uses the V1 mold, but the Sonic Fighters color scheme. For that reason, he was high on my to-do list.

All: 25th Extreme Conditions Major Bludd


Like red Buzzer, purple Ripper is pretty hard to find for Funskool collectors. Since I had a spare 25th ‘’Fred Flintstone’’ Ripper, I thought I would give Buzzer a Funskool partner.

All: 25th Ripper


Wild Weasel
Although he looks similar to his 25th version, I completely repainted Wild Weasel for the Funskool version. Besides the yellow and blue, the red is also a shade lighter and brighter.

All: 25th Wild Weasel


  1. What made you decide to change the legs on Ripper?

    Also, another paint-saving suggestion: for your Major Bludd, you could use a dark blue Cobra Trooper arm and possibly the upper legs from the 25th Hooded Cobra Commander, and maybe the torso from the POC HISS Scout Driver.

  2. Thanks guys.

    I worked almost exclusively from my 25th anniversary fodder bin in order to shrink it down. Hence the different Ripper legs :-)