Friday, 16 October 2015

Funskool Fridays! Interesting Colors - GI Joe

The original 1985 Barbecue was one of my favorite figures growing up, so I definitely wanted to include Funskool’s version in this series. In reality, I believe that Funskool Barbecue is a dark orange. However,  I purposefully darkened the color a bit to red to set him apart from my 25th version.

Lower legs: RoC Flash
Everything else: 25th Barbecue.


This version of Beachhead is one of the few Funskool figures that I actually had. I purchased him around 2005 when I was just getting back into Joes as an adult. I never had Beachhead as a kid, but always liked his character in the Sunbow series, so I picked him up for cheap. He stood in my collection for a while and then was replaced with the VvV Night Force version. For my homage, I used the same bright green as ‘’Emerald Zap’’

Head: 50th Beachhead
Everything else: 25th Comic Pack Beachhead


Beachhead (Red)
Red Beachhead is one of the first figures I made for my Funskool series. For whatever reason, this color scheme has always appealed to me.

All: 50th Beachhead


Yellow Torpedo actually reminded me quite a bit of the Sunbow Joes diving uniform. For that reason, I thought it was a cool homage.

All: 25th Torpedo


Wild Bill
Wild Bill was one of the only Funskool figures that I acquired in the early 2000s. At the time, I thought the colors were pretty wacky and ended up repainting him green (like all my Joes during that period). Now that I know a bit more about the history of GI Joe, I can appreciate the orange flight suit that harkens back to the Action Pilot and the Air Adventurer. For my custom, I looked for a better head than the 25th version, but came up empty. When I find a suitable replacement, I will make the swap.

Upper arms: 25th Viper
Lower arms: 25th Storm Shadow
Everything else: 25th Comic Pack Wild Bill


Tripwire is one of those characters that got repainted in pretty much every market he was released in (Stay tuned for a future project regarding this fact) India was no different. The Funskool version of sports an interesting color scheme. I tried to match the original’s colors as closely as possible. I still need to figure out how to make the ‘’BOMB SQUAD’’ logo on his chest. After that, he will be complete.

Upper legs: Renegades Firefly
Everything else: 25th Tripwire

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