Friday, 31 July 2015

GI Joe Resurgence II Day 31: Catalogs and Final Thoughts

Day 31:

Catalogs courtesy of DanoftheDead!

Main Catalog

 Mail Away Catalog

Final Thoughts and Pics
As a bonus, Lifeline_MD has once again contributed his time and writing talents and created a short story set in the Resurgence universe. You can read part 1 here:

Day 31: Final Thoughts
Well, we have reached the end of this second chapter of our Resurgence saga. We hope everybody found something that they enjoyed in this latest outing.

We had a lead time of close to a year, which greatly helped up flesh out the storyline and the ideas behind it. Part 1 was brainstormed in December of 2013, and grew to a monster by the time we unveiled it in July 2014. We had no intention of making it as large as it was, but it kept snowballing into something bigger. With part 2, the extra 6 months was very helpful. With as much lead time, we wanted to avoid burning out, so we all worked on side projects. We have found that this keeps us interested and coming back with a fresh perspective.

In many ways, Part II was very similar to part I. We structured our project around a mock product line complete with filecards, catalogs and packaging, we emphasized new characters over older ones and we tried to keep GI Joe colorful, fun and a bit cheesy like the original toy line.

However, we also wanted to grow as customizers, push the project to be better and more complete as well as create a stronger supporting Resurgence fictional universe. We spent more time developing the storyline to accompany our customs. This was told using the various texts and blurbs and of course the filecards that were lovingly crafted by Raptor and GITrekker. Without them, our figures would not have become fully realized characters. They breathed the spark of life into our customs and this is just as important as choosing parts or colors for a custom. Thanks guys, this project is not possible without you.

Sam raised the bar for his packaging mock-ups once again. He managed to inject the box fronts with a sense of action and adventure, color and texture as well as a modern take on nostalgia and he did it for every one of our main line figures and vehicles. Every. Single. One. Thank you Sam for enriching this project with your talent.

A special thanks goes out to our "guest stars" Ozzie92, JoeMichaels70 and Keep It Clean Customs for creating some awesome pieces as well as DanoftheDead for crafting the fantastic catalogs.

Finally, thanks to all those who followed us on these boards or Facebook. Whether you checked us out everyday, peeked in once in a while, left feedback or not, we truly appreciate the fact that you took the time to do so. We grow and learn as customizers thanks to feedback and support. Thank you.

All in all, projects like these make us feel like we are playing GI Joes as grown men. We get got to make them, come up with a story for them, with help from Raptor and Trekker, and then have an epic battle at the end. See you guys next year for part 3.

Bucky, Dusty79 and Oreobuilder - the gang at PHX Customs


  1. Bravo on another well-done series of customs! I'm still amazed you all pulled all of this off! As I followed it from day one, I started casting VA's for some of the mewly-introduced single characters in the project, for a second season of a hypothetical Resurgence cartoon.

  2. Incredible work all around! Well done!