Friday, 3 July 2015

GI Joe Resurgence II Day 3: Cobra Vampyrebat w. Vector Viper

''Cobra is back! ''Cobra Commander's plan to capture Duke has failed. GI Joe has rescued their first sergeant and destroyed Cobra's jungle fortress. Beaten, but not destroyed, Cobra has retreated to lick their wounds and plan their next move. To put his new plan into motion, Cobra Commander has recruited new agents and has unleashed them onto the battlefield!''

Vampyrebat w. Vector-Viper - Bravo class vehicle
Cobra’s ominous aerial attacker! Twin front-mounted mini-guns will decimate any GI Joe foe! Features 6 missiles and opening armored canopy. Includes pilot VECTOR-VIPER.

Filecard by Thomas Wheeler (GITrekker)

From the desk of Dusty79:
The latest HISS tank from Hasbro has been made into an airframe many times. I have seen VTOL craft, helicopters, and jets and it seems to work well in any aircraft setup. I really wanted to make my own version and make it a formidable attack jet. I had an Avengers Quinjet that I took the wings and tail from and fused them onto the HISS tank base. An old Conquest provided the landing gear and then I added some bits and pieces for weapons and tech detail. I thought it looked like a vampire bat with the nose guns being fangs, so the name came from trying to blend the Firebat name into vampire bat. The Vector-Viper is my idea of a futuristic Cobra pilot.

Parts used:

Torso-50th Night Viper
Legs-30th Techno-Viper with 30th Sci-Fi wires attached
Helmet is modded from a Star Wars B-Wing pilot helmet, 30th Sci-Fi helmet, and 25th Cobra Paratrooper
Webgear is modded from 25th Cobra Paratrooper and bits of fodder
Arm winglets are from 25th Cobra Paratrooper

Crimson HISS body
Cast Gatling gun barrels
Wings and tail from Avengers Quinjet
Missiles from Cobra Mamba
Engine from Anakin podracer
Landing gear from Conquest X-30
Various bits of fodder for tech detail


  1. Thanks! The thinking was to give it the silhouette of a bat. I think Dusty79 pulled it off superbly.