Saturday, 18 July 2015

GI Joe Resurgence II Day 18: Cobra Sand Wolf & Desert Vipers

Day 18:

''Cobra is back! ''Cobra Commander's plan to capture Duke has failed. GI Joe has rescued their first sergeant and destroyed Cobra's jungle fortress. Beaten, but not destroyed, Cobra has retreated to lick their wounds and plan their next move. To put his new plan into motion, Cobra Commander has recruited new agents and has unleashed them onto the battlefield!''

Sand Wolf w. Desert Scorpions - Mail Away set
The Sand Wolf will devour anything in its way! Features folding tracks, removable skis, hidden missile rack, two separate cockpits and special sand torpedoes. Includes 2 DESERT SCORPIONS!

Filecard by Thomas Wheeler (G1Trekker)

 From the desk of Oreobuilder:
The Sand Wolf was a late addition to the project. One day, I was staring at a spare 50th Cobra Wolf sitting in my vehicle fodder box. I was trying to find new ways of using it. I thought that it would make a cool desert vehicle, so I gave it a shot. I added a couple of Desert Scorpions to man the driver and gunner positions. We made it a mail away since it is a pretty simple custom. It fills the same role as the black version of the HISS II we made for Resurgence 1:

Once we decided to include the Sand Wolf in the project, we needed a driver for it. I looked at yojoe and a couple of reference books to compare all the various Cobra desert troopers that had been made over the years. One of the options was the Sand Viper from the new sculpt years. In the end, I settled on the classic Desert Scorpion. Since I don’t have the Club’s version, I have had it on my to-do list for a while. I tried to stay as true to the original look as possible, including the colors.

Head: Ret Cobra Trooper
Head scarf: cast from 25th Night Creeper
Torso: 25th Airborne
Upper legs: PoC Beachhead
Lower legs: Ret Kamakura
Belt: 25th Tunnel Rat
Arms: DTC Red Zone
Shoulder pads: 25th Barbecue
Bandolier: PoC Steel Brigade

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