Wednesday, 15 July 2015

GI Joe Resurgence II Day 15: Bonesaw

''Cobra is back! ''Cobra Commander's plan to capture Duke has failed. GI Joe has rescued their first sergeant and destroyed Cobra's jungle fortress. Beaten, but not destroyed, Cobra has retreated to lick their wounds and plan their next move. To put his new plan into motion, Cobra Commander has recruited new agents and has unleashed them onto the battlefield!''

Bonesaw - Single carded figure

Filecard by Charles Cushman (Raptor)

From the desk of Bucky:
Bone saw:
The build and head for the figure were well in place before the character itself. He's sporting a sweet piece of web gear by raginspoon that I picked up long ago in Indy, and was waiting for something to use it on. I didn't originally plan for the build to be a saw viper type of character, but once I pieced it together, it seemed to be a good fit. I wanted him to be more Squat and Bulky, which lead to me playing with different builds until I found one that looked like he was built, but not a monster. The character is not mean to be "the saw viper" from the comics, but the influence is definitely there.

Parts Used:
Helmet and Vest-Raginspoon
Head-Marvel Universe
Arms-RoC Heavy Duty
Hands-Retaliation Roadblock
Upper Legs-Retaliation Roadblock
Lower Legs-Renegades Trooper

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