Monday, 13 July 2015

GI Joe Resurgence II Day 13: Prodigy

''Following the disastrous events of Operation Waterfront where several Joes were taken prisoner by Cobra, General Hawk has tasked Chuckles to put together a team to find and rescue his men. Meanwhile, a new group of GI Joe recruits are tasked with finding out what Cobra’s new plan is. Little do they know that both missions will lead them to Gold Springs, a nice little town in the desert…''

Prodigy - Single carded figure

From the desk of Bucky:
Sam (Doe138) came forward during Resurgence 1, and let us know he liked what he saw and wanted to design packaging for the Resurgence figures. Of course, he was more than welcomed back for part 2, and he had some great ideas to boot, one of them being the Son of Destro. I took the task on of trying to create something for him.
We purposely left out Prodigy's mother, wanting to leave it open as to whether he was born before of after Destro hooked up with Cobra. I had the head picked out long ago, as I thought it was a nice in-between a full metal face mask and a new take on one. The rest of the body came together over time, and color was added later to help break up the black and make him more "Joe". The hoverboard was included to give him a little dash of youth, and is something he more than likely came up with himself.

From the Mind of Sam Panico:
I always wondered, if the Joes and Cobras had kids, what would they be like? I imagined that Destro would have a son who studied at the finest school, had the cunning and inventiveness of all the McCullen clan, yet hadn't matured yet. He'd be in the circle of reality star kids. He's probably slept with a few Hiltons and fired flamethrowers at a few Karadasians. I figured Destro would want to both toughen him up and also protect him, so what better place than with the Joes? The fact that Flint is looking out for him is kind of cool, as I always felt there was a debt of honor between Destro, Lady Jaye and Flint. I'm beyond excited at how he came out!

head-Hydra trooper
Torso-resolute duke
Upper arms-retaliation cobra commander
lower arms-jungle viper
belt-modded new sculpt dusty
upper legs-firefly
lower legs-alley viper

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