Saturday, 11 July 2015

GI Joe Resurgence Day 11: Eagle Eye

''Following the disastrous events of Operation Waterfront where several Joes were taken prisoner by Cobra, General Hawk has tasked Chuckles to put together a team to find and rescue his men. Meanwhile, a new group of GI Joe recruits are tasked with finding out what Cobra’s new plan is. Little do they know that both missions will lead them to Gold Springs, a nice little town in the desert…''

Eagle Eye - Single carded figure

Filecard by Charles Cushman (Raptor)

From the desk of Bucky:
The idea to revisit eagle eye came early on in some brainstorming sessions. Originally the figures build was rather bulky, with heavy armor and padding. As time progressed on, and seeing behind the scenes pictures that the other guys were doing, it made more sense that as technology advances, so does the gear. I scrapped the build I had and started concentrating on a slimmer, meaner looking Eagle Eye. The original figure from part 1 was one of my favorite builds, and I have since become rather attached to the character. I liked what I had come up with for part 1, though looking back, he seems a bit cobbled together. I am even more pleased with version 2.

The backpack idea with the gun attached I wanted to keep, as I looked at it like one of those accessories that identifies the figure.. Not having a copy of the original pack gun, I used a data viper one instead. It ended up working great, as it can still detach and be used as a pistol if needed. I found an old shield and did some light dremel work to get it to attach to the backpack, along with modifying another mini missile launcher to attach as well. The main gun he uses is a modded marvel universe.

The build was more fun than I have had customizing in a long time, and I was trying to mimic the vintage figure that had awesome play accessories and attachments. I've become attached to the actual character itself as well, and plan on doing more of him in the future. I just need to get that helmet I made cast.

Parts Used:
Retaliation Trooper Helmet (modded)
PoC Duke torso, with modded Bazooka belt and added pouches
Retaliation Snake Eyes arms
Poc Firefly legs, with Pouches and Retaliation trooper holsters.
Guns-Marvel Universe, Remco

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