Wednesday, 29 July 2015

GI Joe Resurgence II Day 29: HISS VI w. Sabot Viper

''Cobra is back! ''Cobra Commander's plan to capture Duke has failed. GI Joe has rescued their first sergeant and destroyed Cobra's jungle fortress. Beaten, but not destroyed, Cobra has retreated to lick their wounds and plan their next move. To put his new plan into motion, Cobra Commander has recruited new agents and has unleashed them onto the battlefield!''

HISS Mk VI w. Sabot-Viper - Alpha Class vehicle
Cobra’s latest main battle tank is HISS, the high speed sentry. Canopy opens, tank body raises, and cannons swivel. Includes removable drones and driver SABOT-VIPER!

From the desk of Dusty79:
I was checking out the toy aisle at Target one day and came across a Star Wars Rebels Phantom Attack Shuttle and the artwork on the box screamed HISS tank to me. I took it home and popped it on some Crimson HISS treads and it looked like it had a lot of potential. A few mods later and it looks quite HISS like. The two drones are both made from the little mini-HISS tanks from Retaliation Firefly. They are meant to add some play value to the setup. The Sabot-Viper was made as a kind of homage to the original HISS driver design, but I wanted him to be more sophisticated and more specialized so he can efficiently disable GI Joe's vehicles and not just be another seemingly mindless trooper.

Parts used:

Legs, Webgear-50th Night Viper
Torso, Upper Arms: POC Beachhead
Lower Arms-Retaliation 3-pack Snake Eyes with armor from POC Beachhead added
Head-30th Viper with helmet removed
Helmet-Star Wars Ezra helmet modded with 30th Night Viper scope added

Star Wars Rebels Attack Shuttle
Crimson HISS treads
Retaliation HISS turret
Desert Fox Missiles attached to modded Tactical Battle Platform launcher
Halo gun
Cast Gatling gun barrels
Bits of fodder
Drones are made from Retaliation mini-HISS drones and fodder


  1. Thanks! I'll pass that on to Dusty79. He really raised the bar with this one.