Monday, 15 June 2015

Catching Up Super-Post

Since I have been busy with work, real life and a little project called Resurgence 2, I have not posted in a while. That doesn't mean I have not been making customs. Here are a few that I completed recently.

A Joe buddy contacted me about making an updated classic Duke. This recipe has been done by other customizers and it works well, so I gave it a shot.

Second, I tried my hand at recreating the Concept Case Flint shown off at Joecon a couple of years ago:

Here is an LBC Chuckles I put together for Custom Celebration over on

Thunder based on the excellent work of several customizers:

An updated Cutter

Headman and a Headhunters BAT:

A trio of updated Star Vipers. These are my 3rd version and I believe my last.

Finally, some super simple vehicles. First, a desert version of the FLAK to go with my APC, Wolverine, Howitzer, MMS and others.

And a simple parts swap to create a green VAMP II:




  1. You do a fantastic job. Do you do commissions?

  2. Thank you, much appreciated :). Unfortunately, I do not do commissions. Free time is hard to come by these days. Finding enough of it to make and deliver a project to someone in a reasonable amount of time is tricky. Maybe one day :)