Tuesday, 30 June 2015

GI Joe Resurgence Day 0: Introduction

Resurgence II - Introduction

GI Joe: Resurgence
''Following the disastrous events of Operation Waterfront where several Joes were taken prisoner by Cobra, General Hawk has tasked Chuckles to put together a team to locate and rescue his men. Meanwhile, a new group of GI Joe recruits are tasked with finding out what Cobra’s new plan is. Little do they know that both missions will lead them to Gold Springs, a nice little town in the desert…''

GI Joe: Resurgence II brings back famous GI Joe members from all eras and introduces many new faces to the team. It also marks the debut of an all-new type of Cobra army, one that is bent on World domination! Collect them all and create your own battles.''

When Bucky, Dusty79, GITrekker and Oreobuilder started revealing our project called GI Joe: Resurgence in July of 2014, we wanted to do something as different as possible. We wanted to capture the lighting in a bottle that the original line had, with unique looking characters, a fun storyline and different personalities for each of them. The idea was to mimic an 80's toy line release, with multiple specialties and new figures. The response was overwhelmingly positive, so we decided to do it all again. This time, we are building from what we did in:

GI Joe: Resurgence (Part 1): http://oreobuildersblog.blogspot.ca/2014_07_01_archive.html
Operation Waterfront: http://oreobuildersblog.blogspot.ca/2015/03/operation-waterfront-resurgence.html

Our storyline picks up after these events. We approached part II with the following goals:
- To create new characters
- Expand the role of a few key characters from part 1
- To bring back some old favorites
- Keep a GI Joe style military feel with some sci-fi/fantasy elements
- Create a variety of cool vehicles
- Recreate a strong sense of nostalgia by structuring our creations and project as if they were an actual product line.

For part II, Sam Panico is back to create all the packaging for our mock toy line. Raptor has joined GITrekker to write file cards for all our new recruits and breathe life into these characters. Keep It Clean Customs, JoeMichaels70 and Ozzie join us as ''special guest stars''.

Resurgence II will start on July 1st and will reveal a new custom everyday for the whole month. We hope you guys enjoy this second chapter. Comments, critiques and questions are always welcome.

We aim to capture the color, the personality, and the fun of the toy line that made us fans as children.

This is our attempt at that.

This is GI Joe:Resurgence

- The PHX Customs gang

Monday, 15 June 2015

Catching Up Super-Post

Since I have been busy with work, real life and a little project called Resurgence 2, I have not posted in a while. That doesn't mean I have not been making customs. Here are a few that I completed recently.

A Joe buddy contacted me about making an updated classic Duke. This recipe has been done by other customizers and it works well, so I gave it a shot.

Second, I tried my hand at recreating the Concept Case Flint shown off at Joecon a couple of years ago:

Here is an LBC Chuckles I put together for Custom Celebration over on Joecustoms.com.

Thunder based on the excellent work of several customizers:

An updated Cutter

Headman and a Headhunters BAT:

A trio of updated Star Vipers. These are my 3rd version and I believe my last.

Finally, some super simple vehicles. First, a desert version of the FLAK to go with my APC, Wolverine, Howitzer, MMS and others.

And a simple parts swap to create a green VAMP II: