Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Big Ben

When the original Big Ben was released (circa 1991), I was in my teens and no longer interested in Joes. My first contact with the character was during the New Sculpt years when Big Ben got several repaints. Aside from the Arctic repaint from 2000, the original color scheme is my favourite. This is my third attempt at this character. Now that I have finally found a parts recipe that I like, I’ll probably attempt that Arctic repaint now.




Monday, 6 April 2015

This Summer

I'll just drop this here...

Wild Boar and DEMON

Head: Renegades Cobra Trooper
Torso, arms, legs, backpack: Resolute Destro (Comic)
Feet: 25th IG Destro

When the Iron Grenadiers were originally introduced in 1988, I was moving away from Joes to pursue other interests. I remember getting the classic Iron Grenadier for my birthday, but that was the limit of my exposure. I discovered the other characters and vehicles from that sub-team when I started collecting Joes as an adult. During the 25th, I managed to put together a decent IG army. I wanted to add some more characters to the display. 

I came up with this quick and easy way to build a Wild Boar. Since I had a couple of spare Resolute Destros (I don’t like that mold for Destro), I was glad to add to my IG ranks.