Monday, 23 March 2015

Transformers Masterpiece Deep Cover and Clamp Down

One of my other interests, besides Joes, is collecting Transformers. In the last few years, the Masterpiece line has given fans ''ultimate'' versions of G1 favorites. However, the Masterpiece line has also given fans a few repaints based on Diaclone robots. Diaclone is one of the early '80s Japanese toylines that helped spawn Transformers. Most of the first and second year cast of TF characters have their roots in the Diaclone line. For more on the history of this product line, check out the TF wiki:

One of my collecting goals is to have as many MP versions of Diaclone robots as possible.

Takara has helped with Tigertrack and Exhaust. Hopefully, we will be getting a blue Bluestreak and others eventually.

Since Takara is probably not going to be making any more Lambos for a while, I picked up KO MP G2 Sideswipe and Red Alert to convert into Deep Cover and Clamp Down respectively myself. These are still in progress. I still need to transform them and fix some paint issues, but I'm pretty happy with them so far. Since I display my figures in their robot modes, I'm in no rush



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