Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Adventure Team Dune Racer and Grinder

So the Red Laser vs Blue Laser competition at has wrapped up. Basically the competition is an opportunity to submit as many customs as possible into the JC gallery during 2014. Customizers could sign up and two teams were created at random. I was assigned to Team Blue Laser. Although we gave it our all, our team submitted about 1100 customs to the Red Lasers 1300.

You can read more about the Red Laser vs Blue Laser challenge here:

Each member of the losing team had to send a custom to a member of the winning team. I drew drbindy. I wanted to make something that he would enjoy displaying as much as I would enjoy making. I looked through his JC gallery for inspiration and decided to create something based from our mutual love of the Adventure Team.

At first I was going to simply make the stunt driver and call him Evel Knievel, but the project grew when I found a spare PTE dune buggy in my boxes. I decided to create a new character that had a famous daredevil father and that joins Joe Colton's new Adventure Team (drbindy's verse) as a stunt driver. I'm pretty happy with the result and I hope that Bindy is enjoying as well.


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