Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 9: Tiger Force and Night Force

Grunt (Night Force) - Oreobuilder
I am on record as a pretty big Grunt fan. He was one of my first Joes and still represents GI Joe in my mind after 30+ years. As such, I try to fit him into many of my projects. Grunt had several figures during the new sculpt years. This custom uses the Night Force repaint of the Spytroops mold as inspiration. The original figure suffered from some proportion issues, but had an interesting paint scheme and accessories. Also, now I can add my favorite character to my Night Force shelf.


Gung Ho (Night Force) - Oreobuilder
Since I was making Grunt in his Night Force colors, I figured it would be fun to make his pack-mate at the same time. Gung Ho has been due for an update for a while and this was a good opportunity to use a bigger buck and give GH some bulk. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, except I’m not totally sold on the head (from Retaliation Roadblock). If a better one becomes available, I’ll upgrade it in the future.


Alpine & Crosshair- Oreobuilder
The Tiger Force Alpine and Crosshair 2-pack was one of the first that I bought as an adult collector. Despite some flaws, mostly with Alpine (the orange skin tone, just to name one), I liked the original figures. When I tackled these customs, I wanted to change up the color schemes a bit and go full-on Tiger Force. I swapped the tans for yellow and adjusted the rest of the colors accordingly.

I like Alpine a lot. He turned out to be a combination of v2 and v4 (quite by accident).

For Crosshair, I started with the excellent recipe that Bucky used last year for this project (http://oreobuildersblog.blogspot.ca/2014/03/project-new-sculpt-by-bucky-and-ob-day_2.html)

I’m not totally sold on his colors yet, but he is growing on me. If I find all the parts again, I may consider making a second version of him closer to his Valor vs Venom look.


  1. You could practically use the light-skinned Alpine variant as a new character, given how different he looks.