Monday, 23 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 8: Valor vs Venom Part 2

Destro (VvV) – Dusty79
I was not a part of the original New Sculpt Project and when the gears were turning for Part 2, I was mired in the middle of a move and all my customizing gear was packed away for a few months. I did want to contribute something and Bucky gave me a starting point by saying they wanted a v11 Destro using the Retaliation wave 3.5 Firefly torso. I managed to find some time to put this together. The lower forearms are modified and despite grafting on a different typed of hand joint, still rotate. The boots are from Kwinn and were grafted on to give him a bigger stature. Then as a final touch I used a Tomax/Xamot sash to give him the pop of color like the original.


Cobra Commander (VvV) - Oreobuilder
Cobra Commander was one of the first New Sculpt figures that I bought when I started collecting as an adult. When I first got it, I remember thinking that the head was too small. Fortunately, as proportions go, the original figure was not bad compared to others of the era. I had hoped to make this custom last year for Project New Sculpt I and has been on my to-do wish list for a while now. However,  I could not find the right parts combo that I wanted to pull it off. Once I struck on the idea of using Marvel parts, this custom just appeared. It almost built itself.


Cobra Imperial Guard - Oreobuilder
Originally released in 2005 as part of the tail end of the Valor vs Venom 6-packs, the Imperial Guards are a strange mish-mash of parts. I never acquired the original o-ring figures as they did not fit into my Joe-verse at the time. However, since then, the idea of a squad of hand-picked Crimson Guardsmen that wear frightening masks and body armor and act as Cobra Commander’s personal bodyguard is one that I have come to like. 


  1. Nice work! I'm really liking the parts you used for the Cobra Imperial Guards! That was an interesting idea for a 6 pack that fell a bit flat in execution but your work definitely adds some new life into it. I've been reading through the IDW vol.4 of the original Marvel comic and am totally seeing these guys as a legitimate part of Cobra; the Commander is all about pomp and ceremony!

    Great work on Destro and Cobra Commander as well. I think those are two of the best looks those characters have had and you've nicely updated them. Great work on CC's cords and epaulets. They add a nice, layered look to the figure!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Thanks for the kinds words :-)