Sunday, 22 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 7: Stars & Stripes Forever!

Stars and Stripes Forever (RAH Collection) - Oreobuilder
Last year, Bucky and I remade the BJ’s 8-pack as part of (the first) Project New Sculpt. We thought it would be fun to tackle another 8-pack this time around.

Released in 1997, Stars & Stripes Forever marked the return of classic ARAH chracaters for the first time in 3 years, fan favorites like Breaker, Snake Eyes and Scarlett were back with all-new looks. The set went through several last minute changes and didn’t come out as originally planned. Several molds were unavailable to use so characters like Breaker and Rock and Rock & Roll got radical redesigns. Still, it included 8 of the original 13 Joes.

For my take, I wanted to create a coherent looking team. I started by omitting Scarlett. Her orange and purple leotard did not fit the color scheme I had in mind. Second, since Grunt, Short Fuze, Zap and Snake Eyes had pretty unified look, I kept them close to the source material and only made a few tweaks. For the others, I took some creative license and used the pre-production pictures of the set as inspiration for different reasons:

-          For Stalker, I felt that the 25th Ultimate Battle pack version was already pretty close.
-          Breaker and Rock & Roll were the stinkers of the original set and needed major overhauls
-          Flash replaced Scarlett to finish off the set.

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