Saturday, 21 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 6: Valor vs Venom

Firefly (Urban) - Oreobuilder
When we were wrapping up this project, we realized that we were a bit light on Cobras. I started looking through Yojoe for ideas on which Cobras we could add and stumbled onto the Cobra Strike Team Urban Division 6-pack. The original set has several figures with fun color schemes and accessories. I settled on Firefly. He came out better than I was expecting. I may go back and make the other members of the team.


General Abernathy (VvV) - Oreobuilder
Released during Valor vs Venom, General Abernathy’s original figure is well rendered for the time. It is a good representation of Hawk in a dressier uniform than many of his versions. I don’t have the original figure, so I wanted to make my own to hang out at GI Joe HQ. In the future, I would like to upgrade his shoulder straps and grenades, but I’m pretty happy with the way he came out.


Grunt (VvV) - Oreobuilder
I am on record as a pretty big Grunt fan. He was one of my first Joes and still represents GI Joe in my mind after 30+ years. As such, I try to fit him into many of my projects. Grunt had several figures during the new sculpt years. Probably the most unexpected one was the comic book version.  For my take on him, I went back to the source material – Marvel issue 4. I gave him combat boots rather than shoes and I darkened the uniform color to a reddish brown. Overall, I’m pretty happy with him even if it isn’t the most action-packed version out there. The only thing I want to improve is the belt.


Crimson Shadow Guard (VvV) - Oreobuilder
The Crimson Shadow Guard was one of the interesting concepts to come out of Valor vs Venom. According to the original packaging, Shadow Guards are pretty much the Night Force version of regular CGs. However, several Joe fans (myself among them) like to use them as Cobra’s secret police. I think they make much more sense in this context. This custom was probably the simplest of this project. The head is a Raginspoon cast in black and the body is DG Cobra Commander with a few added paint details. That said, I’m planning on making a few more when I get a chance.


  1. If I could offer an alternative to the gun you have in Firefly's hand--the machine pistol that came with the Captain America: The First Avenger Crossbones figure bears a great resemblance to the old Firefly gun, AND there's a black version included in the comic pack version of Crossbones.

  2. That's a good idea, thanks. I have that gun in green.