Friday, 20 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 5: Land, Sea and Air

Depth Charge- Oreobuilder
Depth Charge was the last figure I made for this project. The original was released in two different color schemes during the new sculpt era. The first, during Spytroops, was clad in blue and white. The second, on whom I ended up basing this custom, was orange and gray and released during Valor vs Venom.  I went back and forth between the two options. Finally, I went with the brighter colors. I thought they had a retro look and could be displayed with my Adventure Team.

Ripcord (Spytroops) – Bucky
 This is a unique look for Ripcord to be certain and one of the first figures I lined up for the project. I really wanted to tackle him and capture that look in the Modern Era format. I went with the original head. While lacking distinct facial features like the newer heads do, I felt it was the best choice to use to not have the figure’s head look too bulky with that skinnier torso. I remember looking everywhere for this figure and finding it after driving 30 minutes to a small town Wal-Mart.

There is some confusion on this figure as it was labeled a couple different ways. My initial purchase was labeled Halo Jumper, but had Ripcord's file name. After the wave finally started showing up en masse in my area, the name had been changed to Sgt. Airborne. For this project, I stuck with the Ripcord name.

Chief Torpedo (VvV) - Oreobuilder
Chief Torpedo was released with the VAMP-Whirlwind exclusive at TRU during the Valor vs Venom days. As ARAH repaints go, the original figure was a really nice one. It was molded in a warm gray that works really well for urban operations and a nice amount of detail and paint apps. Since the original was so good, I wanted to translate the figure into the modern era but keep all the positives. I tried to stay as true as possible to the original.

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