Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 3: DTC Part 1

Checkpoint, Rook and Red Zone (DTC) - Oreobuilder

The DTC Steel Brigade pack was released shortly after I rediscovered collecting Joes as an adult. Although I was marginally aware of the original ARAH Steel Brigade figure, it came out in 1987 just as I was outgrowing Joes, so the DTC pack was my first real contact with the Steel Brigade. I fell in love with the concept right away and ended up buying 6 packs to build a small army.

These three were actually assembled and ready to be painted a year ago for New Sculpt I. However, we had so many figures for that project at that time that I put them aside. To differentiate Rook and Checkpoint, I gave them different builds. I always thought the originals looked too much alike.


  1. Those look so awesome! I've always loved that particular Steel Brigade and you did a fantastic job in simply updating it with new bodies. I really do think the DTC era would go down as one of my five favorite eras in Joe history. It's up there for me with Pursuit of Cobra, vintage 86-88, Sigma 6, and the 30th anniversary line.

  2. Is the missile missing for that launcher?

  3. Barbecue17, I completely agree. The original DTC SBs are awesome. I remember troop building them at the time to build a squad. They are still among my favorites despite their wonky body proportions.

    Mr Acer, I did not include the missile in the pics. It's big and red and sticks out from the launcher quite a bit :-)

  4. Dear Oreo Builder,
    Wow the Steel Brigaders look amazing. How do the faces on the other two look? Can you post more unmasked photos? Believe it or not, I have a commissioned sketch of Red Zone, drawn by Robert Atkins. And lastly, would you consider selling them?

  5. Thank you sir. I would love to see the sketch. Is it online somewhere? I have Rook and Checkpoint's original heads ready to be dremelled and modified, so they are not on the customs at the moment. Currently, these are not for sale, but if that changes, send me a quick email at and I can contact you in the future.


    1. Looking forward to seeing the other two members finished. I sent you an e-mail with the Red Zone Sketch attached.