Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 2: Spytroops Part 1

Destro: (Spytroops) - Bucky
Destro was a fun figure to build and went through several versions of pants before I found that the Snow Job pants looked bulky enough to go with the upper body. The base color of them being white, I never got past their color when digging through the fodder bins. I'm glad I went with them. The chain is some scrap from a Storm Shadow weapon.


Grunt (Spytroops) - Oreobuilder
I am on record as a pretty big Grunt fan. He was one of my first Joes and still represents GI Joe in my mind after 30+ years. As such, I try to fit him into many of my projects. Grunt had several figures during the new sculpt years. While browsing Yojoe.com for inspiration for this project, I realized that I had customs of every O-ring version of Grunt ever made except this one.  Since I had already figured out the recipe for this figure when I made the Night Force version, I simply copied it and changed the colors. My Grunt collection is now complete. As a bonus, Bucky was already building the Destro that was included in the same Spytroops 2-pack.

Alley-Viper & Cobra Viper (Spytroops) - Oreobuilder
When we were wrapping up this project, we realized that we were a bit light on Cobras. I started looking through Yojoe for ideas on which Cobras we could add. The Alley-Viper and Viper 2-pack was released in the Spytroops line and probably proved pretty popular at the time given that it included two solid troop builders. I tried to replicate that with these customs. The Alley-Viper is a straight repaint. However, the Viper is a kitbash of several ME versions of the character. I like them both, I may go back and make a couple more of each.  

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