Saturday, 28 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 13: Hackers

The project is wrapping up tomorrow, but today we have a pair of GI Joe IT guys.

Hard Drive (VvV) - Oreobuilder
Hard Drive was created for the Valor vs Venom line and serves as a Battlefield Computer Specialist. I guess he proved to be less than popular since he never made a second appearance. Most of his parts were used to create Med-Alert for the DTC line. For my version, I started from there. Since I made Med-Alert for last year’s Project New Sculpt, I went back and used a very similar recipe for the body. At first, I was going to buy an original Hard Drive for the head. However, by playing around with some fodder, I managed to build aversion that I’m happy with.


Hi Tech (VvV) – Bucky
When this figure was released, it was a horribly proportioned mess. Just horrible. The characterization on his original filecard was somewhat unique, and cast him sort of a tech nerd. I changed the look up on the custom a bit compared to the original look. I'm not quite sure if I'm completely happy with the way it turned out in the end.

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