Friday, 27 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 12

We will be wrapping up this project on Sunday.

Day 12

Tunnel Rat (VvV) – Bucky
This is not a straight up match for his Valor vs Venom figure.  I decided to mute the colors a bit to match the parts. I initially tried to go with a Spytroops version, but didn't like the build. I then dug up an old Valor vs Venom figure, but could not quite figure out what was going on with the strapping... I'm not sure what to make of it. I compromised by tying in that strapping look to the suspenders and tried to color it to make it flow a little bit better. I purposely built him smaller than the rest.


Kamakura (VvV) - Oreobuilder
Kamakura is probably one of the best know new characters to come out of the new sculpt years and has become a recurring figure in Hasbro’s lineup in the last few years. He got several new sculpt figures, all of which suffered from proportion issues or action features. He has had two modern era versions, but none of them have been true to his new sculpt look. Basically, I tried to take the best from both eras and combine them.


Shadow Strike (VvV) - Oreobuilder
Another new character born from the days of Valor vs Venom, Shadow Strike is as obscure as they come. According to his filecard, he is a ninja loyal to Cobra Commander who infiltrated the Arashikage clan to destroy it from within. He was included with the Ninja Battles exclusive and was a repaint of earlier Storm Shadows. I used this strategy to build my version, by basing his recipe off the GvC Storm Shadow I made last year:


  1. Nice work. I'm always happy to see more Tunnel Rat figures (he's always been one of my favorites) but that Kamakura is incredible. Excellent work! I love how you translated his sash and the armor on his wrists and shins.

  2. Thanks! I've made a few Kamakura customs in the last few years, but I was never really satisfied with them. The Reataliation version from the 3-pack allowed me to finally put all the pieces together.