Thursday, 26 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 11: Built to Rule

Hollowpoint & Shadow Viper (BTR) - Oreobuilder
The Built to Rule(BTR) line gets a bad rap… and it is entirely deserved in my opinion. That said, the line did introduce a few new characters. Although they did not catch on and have remained very obscure, I thought that they would be fun to explore.

Hollowpoint is GI Joe’s first Range Officer. The BTR figure had an interesting look that was very similar to Rock & Roll v2. I originally planned to use Retaliation Clutch’s head for this custom, but I was lucky enough to find a loose Hollowpoint for 2$ at a comic book shop.

Shadow Viper’s specialty is listed as counter-intelligence and he was included with the Night Prowler, a cross between a dune buggy and a soapbox racer. For my custom, I decided to try to replicate the look of the original figure as best I could. However, he will be a part of a team of Cobra couriers that carry and deliver important documents for Cobra or Extensive Enterprises.


Heavy Duty (BTR) – Bucky
My first attempt for an HD figure was the wave 1 desert version. I wanted him to be a big guy but couldn't find a build I liked. I then switched over to trying to build his Valor vs Venom build, and didn't have much luck there. One thing with the Valor vs Venom figures is that I can't tell what exactly is going on with a lot of the uniforms. They don't make sense and end up being a little frustrating when trying to translate them over to Modern Era. I started to look at BTR figures and saw a rather different looking HD in that line that I had never seen before. I went with that one. I used the Lowlight forearms to try to translate the BTR forearm look.

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