Monday, 16 February 2015

Project New Sculpt Day 1: New Beginnings

What we call the New Sculpt era is actually several product lines starting with GI Joe vs Cobra, followed by Spy Troops, Valor vs Venom and finally the internet-exclusive Direct to Consumer line. However, this time around, we have gone back even further with some customs inspired by figures released during the Real American Hero re-launch collection. Basically, this year’s customs will cover a ten year period from 1997 to 2007. All told, we have 40 new figures to show off, so tune in on Monday, February 16th.


Day 1: New Beginnings

In 1997, Joe was back after a 3 year hiatus with new takes on old favorites. The line was exclusively available at Toys R Us and helped successfully relaunch Joe into the 21st Century.

Duke (GvC) - Bucky
Another group build gave me another reason to do a Duke figure! My favorite character from the Joe mythos, I think I have done a Duke every year I've been customizing in some form or another. This version is based a little more off the concept art, which had white sleeves, rather than the production figure. With a Colton base, he ends up being fully poseable. I went with the Tatum head, and with blond hair, I think it looks pretty good.

Hawk (RAH Collection) - Oreobuilder
We tried to avoid straight up repaints as much as possible for this project (bucky and Dusty79 managed to uphold that guideline, I failed miserably). However, with so many ARAH repaints released during the New Sculpt era, it was difficult to stay away completely.  While browsing James Kavanaugh’s book for ideas, I noticed that, with a few minor tweaks, 1997 Hawk’s color scheme fit perfectly with 50th Flint. The grays worked together nicely and with these two figures as well as my custom Beachhead and Duke, I had the beginnings of a nice urban combat squad.

Dusty (RAH) - Oreobuilder
Anyone who has seen my Battle Corps customs knows that I’ve learned to embrace the colorful side of GI Joe. As such, this version of Dusty, originally released in 2000, is interesting to me, despite not looking like a desert trooper. For my version, I punched up the contrast for the camouflage on the pants.  Also, I’ll probably repurpose him as another character. With the red beret, I’m thinking a UK Action liaison officer.

Sideswipe- Oreobuilder
Released in 2000 in the Real American Hero collection, Sideswipe became GI Joe’s 4th Medic. The original re-used Stretcher’s body parts and accessories but featured a new head sculpt. When I put together this custom, I was struck with how much the RoC Aqua Viper Officer’ head was similar to Sideswipe’s. Once that was in place, the rest came together quite quickly. I decided against giving him Stretcher’s sled as it is iconic to that character in my opinion.


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