Sunday, 25 January 2015

PHX Contest Reminder and Update

For anyone that is interested in participating in the PHX customs contest, there is still lots of time. I just got word from Bucky that we will be accepting entries until February 21st:

''The entries must be received by email on February 21st! Right smack dab in the middle of Custom Celebration 9!''

You can email your entries at So get out those paint brushes and get to work. Also, please don't forget to take some good pictures so the judges can see your custom.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A New Year, A New Custom Contest at

Happy New Year Joe fans!

It's a brand new year, and PHX Customs wants to help celebrate with you in a fun way, and get everybody ready for a new year of customizing, AND ready for what undoubtably will be the largest Custom celebration ever this February!

Welcome to The PHX custom contest!

Your challenge is to create a *brand new*custom character for either Joe or Cobra!
The figure should fit into the GI Joe Resurgence storyline! Feel free to revisit Resurgence:

and get an idea of what specialties and types of characters you think would fit into the Resurgence Universe, and get your parts and paints ready!

Prizes? Oh, there will be prizes!
If you've ever won any of the previous years "Bucky's custom challenges" for Custom Celebration, you know that he gives a lot of loot to the winners. Well, imagine that x3!!!


Grand Prize
2nd Place
3rd place

The entries must be received by email (we will post the exact contact details shortly) in time for Custom Celebration 9 in mid-Frebruary! *exact date unknown at this time*

The figures will be judged on the originality of the figure, and the actual custom itself. Neither one of those will be weighed more than the other! So if you just make a pretty custom, but the character is something that's been done a million times, keep trying! We are looking for that perfect storm!


The entries will be judged by dusty79, bucky and Oreobuilder! In addition to getting some awesome swag, the grand prize winner will receive dusty79's GI JOE Resurgence Slugger mark 2 with Thunder figure!
But that's not all! The grand prize winner will also have their character done up "Resurgence style" by a team member at PHX customs *of the winner's choosing* and mailed to them at a later date, and the character will be featured in a PHX customs upcoming project! You will get full credit and your character will be seen all across joe fandom!

What are you waiting for! Get painting!

Happy New Year!

-bucky, Oreobuilder and dusty79