Thursday, 31 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 31 - Catalogs and Final Thoughts

We have a couple of items on the menu today. 

First, with Resurgence being a mock GI Joe line, we thought that wrapping up the project with vintage-style catalogs - one for the main line and one for the mail away products - would be fun. Thanks to Mayor and J_Man from,  that became possible.

Second item, make sure to tune in tomorrow, we'll have some WIP pictures to show off, but more importantly, we have a special treat. Lifeline_MD, the author of GIJoe: Heroes and Terrorists, an ongoing fanfic saga on was so inspired by Resurgence that he offered to write a short story for a new short story based on its characters and storyline. We'll be publishing it tomorrow.

When Bucky and I started ‘’Project 96’’our goal was to do something as different as possible, something that had a feel to it that's hard to describe. We wanted to capture the lighting in a bottle that the original line had, with unique looking characters, a fun storyline and different personalities for each of them. The idea was to mimic an 80's release, with multiple specialties and new figures.

Resurgence became an experiment is expanding the GI Joe universe. We tried something new by structuring our project around a mock product launch. We made enough customs to fill a month, along with filecards, concept art, packaging mock-ups and catalogues to flesh out our pretend line. We structured our entire project around 20 or so new unknown characters. Whether we accomplished what we set out to do or not, we’ll leave that up to you guys.

Like we said in our intro, sometimes, in customs like in life, we don’t end up where we thought we would when we started.

What started as a project between two customizing buddies (Bucky and I) turned into one of the largest collaborative custom efforts that I have ever seen online. Kirk Bozigian and Patrick Stewart consulted early in the project and gave us some great advice about specialties and colors. Dusty79 came onboard to help fill some of the empty roster spots and in the process has become a full partner four our next project.

G1Trekker (Thomas Wheeler) and Justin over at really helped us with the characterization of each custom character. They really put effort into it, sometimes only getting a picture and a name, sometimes a rough draft of what the character was about. Justin obviously loves the brand, as does Trekker, whom helped write the filecards from the re-launch of ARAH back at the turn of the century, and loves to do so. Trekker writes for a living, and is available for hire to write if anybody wants to get in touch with him. Those guys really hit a home run with the filecards.

Mayor and J_Man put together our catalogues and tied everything together.

Once the reveals started, Sam Panico - a creative designer/writer/designer for the last twenty some years and for various brands - was inspired by some of our characters and offered to come aboard to create some awesome packaging art and box mock-ups.

To all our collaborators, for all you input, advice, time, effort and hard work, you have our sincerest thanks and appreciation. Each one of you added valuable pieces to this gigantic puzzle.

And to all who tuned in daily, peeked in once in a while, left comments or not, thank you for the support, constructive feedback and comments. We appreciate all of it. See you guys in October!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 30 - Orca w. Broadside and Riptide

Orca w. Riptide and Broadside – Foxtrot Vehicle 59.99$ MSRP
Look out Cobra! The Orca silently launches from the USS Flagg to invade Cobra shores. The anti-aircraft battery defends the ship while the dual 5 inch deck gun softens up enemy positions on the beach.  Features 2 decks, 2 opening ramps, accessories and can carry up to three GI Joe vehicles! Includes GI Joe naval commander Riptide and gunner Broadside! Other figures and vehicles sold separately!

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
Last year, a friend of mine spotted the Playmobil Ferry and suggested it would make a good GI Joe Landing Craft. At the time, I had just finished my GI Joe Train, so I was not in the mood to start another largish vehicle project. Still, when I saw the set at a good price, I picked one up.  I unboxed it and fiddled around with it a bit, but by that time, other projects, namely the 50th Anniversary Tribute and Project New Sculpt, were in full swing, so the Landing Craft project got put on ice.

In March, Bucky and I started brainstorming for this project. The landing craft was in the back on my mind and I was not sure I wanted to do it, but I decided that this was a great opportunity to get off my butt and get it done.  I’m glad I did, I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

For the drivers, my goal was to do as little painting as possible, so I tried to choose my parts wisely.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 29 - Cobra Commander & Duke

Duke vs Cobra Commander – Mail Away Exclusives - Send in 10 Flag Points + 5.99$ S&H

Cobra Commander – Ceremonial Battle Armor
The evil leader Cobra Commander has ordered Duke to be captured and interrogated. Can General Hawk and the GI Joe team find Duke in time?

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
When Bucky and I started brainstorming for this project, we had a bunch of new characters on our list. We felt that bringing in new blood was a way to refresh GI Joe. However, some characters are so deeply associated to the brand, that we could not bypass them. Cobra Commander and Duke are two such characters. However, since we have been getting so many CCs and Dukes in the last few years, we thought that they could be mail away exclusives instead. That way, they would be available, but they would not clog up pegs.

I have had the parts for this version of Cobra Commander sitting in a bin waiting to be painted for a couple of years. When we decided to add some old favorites to our line plan, Cobra Commander (and a slew of other figures) finally got put onto the list of custom priorities.

Duke is being held prisoner by Cobra. Collect and redeem your Flag points and help rescue Duke!

From the desk of Bucky:
Mail away Duke was another figure slated for "Project: 96".  He was to be a repainted version of the 91 Duke. Once we started to shift gears, it gave me a little more freedom as to how to do his look right.  The figure is still loosely based on the 91 version color wise, seen in this photo.

Monday, 28 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 28 - Jungle Fox w. Hawk and Skidmark

Jungle Fox w. Skidmark and Hawk – Mail Away Exclusive - Send in 15 Flag Points + 6.99$ S&H

Duke has been located and must be rescued as quickly as possible! Hawk and Skidmark race to a secret Cobra base in the jungle in the fastest vehicle in the GI Joe motorpool! The Jungle Fox 6WD features a rear-mounted turret with pivoting gun, two side-mounted missiles, front working steering and room for 6 GI Joes! Includes driver Skidmark and GI Joe General Hawk. Other figures sold separately.

From the desk of Bucky:
The Jungle Fox was one of the first vehicles I had in mind in the infancy of the project, when it was still "project 96".  As one of my favorite vehicles as a child, it was something I had long thought about painting up, but never had a real good reason until the project came along.  Skidmark follows a very popular recipe, one of those figures that is so easy to make that everybody should do it.
 Hawk was the last figure I made, at the last minute.  As I was reading all the filecards that GI Trekker and Justin ( had written up, as well as the tagline Oreobuilder had wrote, Hawk was mentioned a lot, yet we had no representation.  I slapped the body together, made sure that the paint wouldn't chip, and borrowed the head from Dusty79's Throttle figure.