Saturday, 1 November 2014

Night Force Week - Day 6

Day 6: Ex-Cobra Agents
TEAM EX 2-Pack
Filecards by GITrekker
Packaging mock-ups by Sam

Mercer by Bucky
I have bought many of the BBTS 7 packs in the last couple years, as the price for them is pretty fair and the parts always come in handy. As a result of that, I have numerous Mercer pieces laying around. I thought he would be a fun addition to Night Force, and went with a slightly different route with the lower legs, using BAT. Ones, in a slight nod to the vipers that came out around 2001-2002. After he was finished and painted up, he ends up being my favorite one I did for the project. He just flows very smoothly.

Storm Shadow by Bucky
I'm not a big ninja lover, so I usually buy them for parts and pieces. With that, I had pieces from the dark ninja from retaliation, and the dollar general storm shadow. Once I popped that blue head on the dark body, the rest fell into place, creating a unique look for Storm Shadow.

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