Friday, 31 October 2014

Night Force Week - Day 5

Day 5: Air Operations

Filecards by GITrekker
Packaging mock-ups by Sam

Night Tomahawk w. Lift –Ticket by Oreobuilder
In my Joe-verse, Night Force is not a standing unit. I imagine, every Joe has his ‘’standard’’ uniform as well as a Night Force uniform for night operations. In the same vein, vehicles get special mission-specific paint jobs as needed.

When the Tomahawk was released, I knew I wanted a black one in my collection, although I am not the only person to make one (I'm, at best, the 43rd person to do so lol). I was fortunate to find a couple on clearance at Toys R Us, so I picked them up and set about painting it. For Lift-Ticket, I used a PoC  LT as a base. This allowed me to make him using very little paint.

Night Star w. Blast Off by Oreobuilder
Another relic from ‘’Project 96’’, the Stellar Stiletto was a good candidate for a repaint in my opinion. Since I did not have the original missiles, I had to use some from the old vehicle weapons pack. Luckily, the Triple-T missiles fit perfectly.

When we were brainstorming potential members for the Night Force team, I used Bellomo’s guide as inspiration. Looking at the Mega Marines, I realized that, with a few tweaks, Blast Off’s colors worked well for Night Force.  Also, (going by his name and not his ARAH specialties) he was also a pretty logical pilot for the Stiletto. 


  1. I have been negligent in commenting on this blog lately. I attribute that primarily to my mind being temporarily blown after viewing each post. I was barely able to keep it together today to comment. OH MY GOD THESE ARE SO AMAZING!!! (i would be so broke...)

  2. Thank you for the kind words Tom! The gang and I appreciate them (and all comments and feedback). It's part of what keeps us going.