Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Night Force Week - Day 3

Day 3: SEAL Operations

Filecards by GITrekker
Packaging mock-ups by Sam

Night Raft w. Tracker by Bucky
As the idea behind a Night Force reveal being separate from Resurgence developed, I was stuck on characters to include. There are a lot of joes out there, but finding ones that can be made through modern era tooling and still look decent can be a tricky challenge. The idea to do tracker came about with finding the raft last fall at dollar general during a sale, for $2.50. I thought that'd be great to do an updated Tracker. As time went on, the idea behind the figure sat around as I worked on new sculpt, and then Resurgence. Every time I went back to start him, I wasn't happy with the colors to bring him into the modern era. That problem was solved by adding him to Night Force, allowing me to tackle the figure and not worry about how to get past the originals colors. The glasses were a decent substitute for the originals visor, which is huge on the modern era heads.

Night Devil w. Shipwreck by Oreobuilder
When Bucky and I started this project, we were looking for some vehicles to repaint that were not the most common. We wanted them to be a bit different than the ones we see most often, so we went into the vehicle archives and picked some out that had not seen many or recent releases. I had a spare Devilfish in my fodder box and it seemed to fit the bill.

When it came to the driver, Shipwreck was not the first character that came to mind. I looked at Torpedo, Wetsuit and Beachhead, but all of these were not ideal for various reasons. Shipwreck made sense and was possible to make in an LBC-ish manner.

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