Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Night Force Week - Day 2

Day 2: Emergency Response

TEAM EMS 2-Pack:

Filecards by GITrekker
Packaging mock ups by Sam

Barbecue by Oreobuilder:
Although I could not find a good reason for Barbecue to be in Night Force, he was one of my favorite figures when I was a kid and was one of the first characters I wanted to add to the team. GITrekker’s excellent filecard actually found a pretty good justification for his inclusion. I picked up a few BBTS Marauders 7-Packs for fodder, so I have a bunch of Spare Barbecues. He will probably show up in some other sub-teams very soon.

Bullhorn by Oreobuilder:
Bullhorn was one of my favorite customs from last year. When this project came along, it was a good opportunity to look at a fresh color scheme for Bullhorn. I changed out a couple of parts to keep him modern.


  1. Isn't Barbecue from Boston, MA?

  2. D'oh! Good catch. I'll have to talk to Trekker about that. We missed it when we did our proofreading.