Monday, 27 October 2014

Night Force Week - Day 1

Day 1: Team OG13 and the Night Shift Cycle w. Smokescreen

All filecards by GITrekker
All packaging mock-ups by Sam Panico

TEAM OG13 2-Pack

Stalker by Bucky
Stalker was a character I had pieced together for some time, but not quite in these colors. I had no intention of making him Night Force originally. He sat on a wip shelf as I worked on other figures. After going over figures that had never been in Night Force, I decided to go that route. I took a bit of a gamble using the Wayans head, but I think it worked out ok with the facial hair added. That particular head sculpt is very well done, regardless of the hate for the character.

Breaker by Dusty79
Breaker was a character I had always wanted to do a modern update on, but had never gotten past the brainstorming stage. When thinking about a character to do for a Night Force 2-pack, he came to mind only after considering a few other characters and moving on. Once I decided to go with Breaker, I took the ideas I had previously jotted down and started fleshing him out. I thought he needed the headgear so I used the 25th version and modified it making it look more modern and making it wireless. His electronics are housed in a small backpack fitted with satellite receiver and he was given a small aerial drone to use to transmit signals over geologic obstacles in the event the satellite link fails. I also thought it was important that he be protected by body armor as his role is an important one and he is frequently in the danger zone.

Night Shift Cycle by Oreobuilder
This was the very last item we added to our line-up. When we were putting together our order of battle, we felt that we needed an add-on to our OG13 day. Looking at the possibilities, the RAM stood out because it had not been done in these colors before (The VAMP and MoBAT have received the black color scheme treatment before).

Smokescreen by Bucky
For Smokescreen, I wanted to use a base body that would not require much paint in order to have him posed on the motorcycle without any chipping, and the new viper body was a great color. Not alot on this figure, I did include the motorcycle helmet from the comic packs, that fits rather snug on the Low Light head. I added some face paint to help distinguish the head a bit.

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