Sunday, 26 October 2014

An Announcement and a Teaser

Bucky, Dusty79, Sam, GITrekker and I have been working on a few things things lately. First off, an a brief announcement. After that, we'll get to the good stuff.

Phoenix Customs

Phoenix Customs? What is that? Quick answer, it is our small group of customizers started by Bucky, Dusty79 and Oreobuilder. The three of us have started working on so many common projects that we decided we needed a name for our little gang. Also, aside from GITrekker and Sam Panico that have been contributing regularly to our projects, we will also be adding new members to our team shortly. We have enlisted some help from two others very recently for a large project next summer.

Given all of this, we figured it would be simpler to have one name to round up everyone. It’s easier and it makes custom thread titles much shorter! Each one of us will continue posting our own customs separately on occasion, but for our large projects, expect to see Phoenix Customs.

We’ll be kicking this off with a brand new project starting tomorrow and lasting a whole week.

Night Force Week by Phoenix Customs

‘’When the sun goes down, the GI JOE NIGHT FORCE squad is ready for action! NIGHT FORCE is a covert team specializing in nighttime surveillance, reconnaissance and defensive operations. Missions conducted in the darkness have special problems, which the NIGHT FORCE squad has overcome with enhanced skills, sophisticated hardware and advanced technology. They use the element of surprise to vanquish Cobra, striking under cover of darkness and disappearing into the night, mission accomplished!’’ – Text adapted from original Night Force mission statement

Why Night Force?

Remember Project 96? It was the original name for what morphed into GI Joe Resurgence. We won’t bore you guys with the details again (you can read about it here if you like:, but this sub-line was meant to be a part of the larger project. We picked Night Force because, in 1996, it would have made sense, from Hasbro’s perspective, to bring this theme back to support a more ‘’back-to-basics’’ approach. So, we set out to pick characters that could have been repainted at the time.

In our planning, we mapped out a main line, mail away products and a retailer exclusive line. When we put together the Resurgence order of battle, we quickly realized that we could not fit Night Force within our 31-day time frame and that the theme and characters no longer fit our overall objective of  a ‘’soft reboot’’ of the line. However, we had all these customs already made. Therefore, we decided to split it off.

Our approach was simple. These figures are meant to be repaints and kitbashes from existing figures and vehicles. Contrary to Resurgence, which would have had a lot of hypothetical new tooling, Night Force would have been assembled from existing parts and represent existing characters. Like the originals, we planned them out to be a series of thematic 2-pack and vehicles. Once again, GITrekker lent us his services to flesh out these characters and Sam is back with some awesome brand new packaging.

We’ll be rolling out our complete line-up all next week starting on Monday the 27th. Sit back, enjoy and comments are always welcome!

Bucky, Dusty79, Sam, GITrekker and Oreobuilder 


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