Friday, 12 September 2014

Concept Colors Blowtorch for Sale

With the 50th Anniversary line arriving at Toys R Us stores, I have bought several of the Heated Battle 2-pack. The Cobra HEAT Viper is a fun figure and I wanted a small squad. Unfortunately, that left me with a few extra Blowtorches. Rather than letting them sit in a box somewhere, I decided to paint them up into their original 1984 concept colors of tan and green as seen in the 1983 sketch below and offer them to collectors (like me) who would have prefered to get this version instead of another red and yellow one.

I have 6 available. I am asking US25$ each (via paypal please) plus 10$ for shipping for any address in the 48 US or Canada.

Each one will feature:

- Hand painted and protected by clear coat.
- Will include all the accessories, the stand and filecard
- The joints are trimmed down to decrease paint rub. I can't guarantee zero paint rub, but this technique maintains the poseability of the figure.

For delivery, I have the figures in hand and painting has started. I will start shipping them out in the next couple of weeks. I will post WIP pictures in the next few days.

Please feel free to email me at for any questions or to reserve your copy.



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