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GI Joe Resurgence! Digital Repaints by DanOfTheDead

If you have ever visited's custom gallery, you have certainly come across some of DanOfTheDead's awesome work. Last week, on the last day of Resurgence, Dan sent us some digital repaints that he did using photoshop and pictures from our reveals. After that, GITrekker, our filecard expert, took the time to write new filecards.

Here, in his words, is what he came up with.


From the desk of Danofthedead:

I've been following the Resurgence project with a great deal of interest. I love large scale projects, and I have admired the work of many of the involved collaborators for a while. I knew I wanted to offer my support beyond telling them all "Good job!" I know projects like this can be draining, and there's a sadness to see them draw to close and letting go of them. I tried to think about the kind of support I find most fulfilling, as well as what kind of response Resurgence deserved being presented as a real toyline that could have / should have been.

I came up with the idea of digital repaints. It's a close to customizing these virtual offerings as I could come, and I believe that customizing is one of the highest compliments a toyline can get. It says, "this thing you made makes me want to make things." I showed the Resurgence gang my first two ideas, mostly to get their blessing because I didn't want these to come across as trying to "fix" their ideas... then built upon their concepts, and Hasbro concepts, to celebrate what I love about G.I. Joe, customizing, and the Resurgence project.

"Revenge of COBRA" 7 Figure Box Set, $41.99 MSRP

COBRA COMMANDER is back with an onslaught of reinforcements! These COBRA troops are re-armed and ready for battle. Deploy them with the rest of your G.I. JOE: RESURGENCE action figures, vehicles, and playsets and find out if G.I. JOE has what it takes to defeat COBRA, once and for all!

"Crimson" Cobra Commander

The obligatory red-repaint figure. I knew I wanted to do a 7 pack, like the recent online exclusives, and while my goal was to do a repaint of each of the COBRA army builder figures, I needed one more to finish off the set. The original Resurgence color scheme is beautiful, and one of the most eye catching customs I've seen in a long time. Initially I thought to give him the "Back in Black" treatment, but realized that "just paint it black" is a bit of a crutch to make a figure look "cool," and one we've seen an over abundance of in lines like Rise of Cobra. Resurgence is notable for it's use of vivid colors, so I decided a crimson repaint, with a few black detail areas, was more appropriate.

Motor-Viper (Track-Viper Repaint)

A simpler idea than most of the others, and one I don't feel came out particularly well, I tried to do the Track-Viper in the older Motor-Viper color scheme. I think the Resurgence Track-Viper is such a spot on update of the original figure that there's not much room left to play... other than another Python Patrol repaint.

Cobra Air Crew (Gyro-Viper Repaint)

The Gyro-Viper, like the Track-Viper is such a spot on update of the original figure that I didn't see much room for altering it without trying to make it a distinct trooper. I also wanted to address the odd color scheme of the Gyro-Viper, which seem to fit in with either the blue and black of most Cobra Troops, or the Black/Gray/Red scheme common to many of the pilot figures. I thought perhaps this blue repaint would serve as crew/gunners for vehicles like the Venom Chopper.

Black Light IG Flamethrowers (Pyro-Viper Repaint)

When I showed the Resurgence crew my first two concepts, I asked if they had any ideas for other repaints and Oreo Builder suggested trying an Iron Grenadiers color scheme. This was also a chance to flex some photoshop muscles to see if I could convincingly turn a primarily white figure black, which I think came out pretty well.

Python Create-A-Cobra

I couldn't resist trying another Python repaint after the Viper came out so well. This one is based on the Python Trooper (which confusingly uses the Officer body) and was another interesting challenge to try and take the black parts and make them believable gray.

Python Viper

This was the second figure I played with recoloring, and came out good enough that I decided it was a concept worth following up on. It's also one of my favorite Resurgence figures. The Resurgence Viper is a great update to the original. Recognizable, but nicely tweaked for a bit more modern look.

Stealth B.A.T. (Classic colors B.A.T. repaint)

By far, my favorite Resurgence figure. The new BAT design is great, playing up the robotic elements and giving him plenty of firepower. And the red looks great too. The color scheme reminded me of the Inferno BATs, so I had to try and take a step back along their uniform history to see what this new design would look like in classic black.

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