Wednesday, 20 August 2014

GI Joe Reloaded Preview

Sometimes I marvel at just how much talent the GI Joe customs community has. Anyone who follows Joe customizing or even just peeks into that section of certain forums will be familiar with Icecreamman's work. He is a prolific and talented customizer who has been at it for a few years. So when he wrote to me describing his latest project - GI Joe Reloaded - I was intrigued.

He has lined up an impressive roster of over 40 customizers to work on this (including my very small contribution) and will start rolling out the roster of new characters on September 1st. Icereamman has given me permission to follow the project here as well, so I'll be posting weekly recaps of all the new figures and vehicles.

I'll let him take it from here, in his own words. The original post can be seen here:

''With the growing threat of terrorism all over the world, G.I. Joe, the world's finest special mission force, has leveled up the game and recruited more soldiers from various military units to join their ranks. Now G.I. Joe is mightier than ever, ready to eradicate terrorism and uphold peace, justice and liberty.

More than 30 new recruits. Plenty more reasons for Cobra to be scared of. Who are these brave soldiers? Which military unit do they come from? Meet them all and learn who they are in September and witness...


New G.I. Joe member/s will be introduced each day starting September 1. So be there when the revelation begins!

Yes, I'm pulling a Resurgence stunt! LOL

But seriously, a few weeks back, I've assembled a few base figures and I intended to custom a "concept" team of G.I. Joe like Tiger Force or Battle Force 2000. But Resurgence made a huge impact on me. I was really inspired by the work OB and the Resurgence crew are doing, and since I really wanted to do something special to celebrate my 1st year anniversary as a member of the Syndicate and my birthday, I've decided to make my G.I. Joe "concept" team like a new season team of Sunbow cartoons with a whole bunch of new characters. The good guys first. (Cobra Reloaded next?)

I know the idea is quite ambitious and Resurgence really set a high standard. I just feel its quite fun to do a big project for the first time, to feel the rush and challenge myself.

But there is truly more fun and excitement when brothers come along to join the ride and give support. That is why I am so thankful and honored that G.I. Joe Reloaded will showcase outstanding customs from the industry's top talents: MSWI, RATFINK, Hemblecreations, ManyMackCreationz, Phantro, Syndicate Customs, Chaos Customs, Mayhem Customs and more.

With this project, we pay tribute to all the artists behind the comics, filecards and cartoons we all loved. To all the talents behind the action figures and vehicles that made our childhood exciting which up to now has been part of our lives.

But most importantly, this project goes out to the real heroes, the military, the police, the firemen, the doctors, the teachers, the men and women who risk their lives to make the real world a safe and better place for all of us. We salute you.''

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