Tuesday, 8 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 8 - Sea Sled w. Eel

Sea Sled w. Eel – Alpha Vehicle 12.99$ MSRP
Cobra seldom outmaneuvers GI Joe in sea operations, but this small mobile unit will put GI Joe to the test! Includes elevating forward gun and Cobra Eel with gear.

Filecard by GITrekker!

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
Although this project depends heavily on injecting new blood into the line, this is the first of a few ''remade'' characters that will appear. The thinking is that Hasbro would mix in some known characters into the line as well to tie it with what came before.

The Sea Sled vehicle was finished early on in the project.  Originally, it was called the Swamp Sled and was to include a Swamp-Viper. I went back and forth trying some new recipes for this character, but since I have one in my custom collection that I made for the Create-a-Con Set project (http://oreobuildersblog.blogspot.ca/2012/10/create-con-set.html), I did not feel the need to make another. However, I struck on the idea of updating the classic Eel using the Ultimate Snake Eyes mold, so I ran with it.


  1. Very nice! Love the splash of yellow on the Sea Sled!

  2. Thanks, I went with a tried and true classic color scheme. The Sea Sled looks great next to the Moray.