Saturday, 5 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 5 - PAC Rat w. Tracer

PAC/RAT (Programmed Assault Computer/Rapid All Terrain) w. Tracer – Alpha Vehicle 12.99$ MSRP

GI Joe sends PAC/RATs racing into battle against Cobra! Protect GI Joe outposts against Cobra air assault with the Anti-Aircraft Twin pom-pom rifle! Includes portable command & control case and drone Operator – Tracer.

Filecard by GITrekker

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
I always loved the PAC RATs when I was a kid. I had the missile launcher and the flamethrower back then. These days, the concept of remote-controlled battlefield robots is no longer sci-fi, it is entrenched in our everyday lives. I thought it would be good to include one in our line. I went with a vintage style for the robot itself while trying to modernize the operator. Tracer is loosely based on the ‘’Future Soldier’’ concept.


  1. GITrekker did most of our filecards (with General Hawk aka Justin Bell doing some as well). He brought some of his previous experience at Hasbro to this project and injected life into a bunch of unknown characters. He did a great job.


  2. The file cards for this project are really fantastic. I hope Hasbro can manage to get some new ones out that are half this good…!

    (Again, I'd like to build one of Tracer myself…I think I see Data Viper legs and a Retaliation Duke torso…what am I missing?)

  3. GITrekker really did a bang up job with the filecards. He really did managed to give our customs life and make them characters in our our little 'verse.

    For Tracer, he is Ret Duke's torso with some added bits and PoC Beachhead legs.