Monday, 28 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 28 - Jungle Fox w. Hawk and Skidmark

Jungle Fox w. Skidmark and Hawk – Mail Away Exclusive - Send in 15 Flag Points + 6.99$ S&H

Duke has been located and must be rescued as quickly as possible! Hawk and Skidmark race to a secret Cobra base in the jungle in the fastest vehicle in the GI Joe motorpool! The Jungle Fox 6WD features a rear-mounted turret with pivoting gun, two side-mounted missiles, front working steering and room for 6 GI Joes! Includes driver Skidmark and GI Joe General Hawk. Other figures sold separately.

From the desk of Bucky:
The Jungle Fox was one of the first vehicles I had in mind in the infancy of the project, when it was still "project 96".  As one of my favorite vehicles as a child, it was something I had long thought about painting up, but never had a real good reason until the project came along.  Skidmark follows a very popular recipe, one of those figures that is so easy to make that everybody should do it.
 Hawk was the last figure I made, at the last minute.  As I was reading all the filecards that GI Trekker and Justin ( had written up, as well as the tagline Oreobuilder had wrote, Hawk was mentioned a lot, yet we had no representation.  I slapped the body together, made sure that the paint wouldn't chip, and borrowed the head from Dusty79's Throttle figure.

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