Monday, 21 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 21 - Cobra BAT and Wall Cloud

Cobra BAT – Single Card 7.99$ MSRP

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
The BAT came about because we felt that Cobra was lacking for troops. The build came together quite quickly. However, I went back and forth on the color scheme a few times. In the end, although red is a pain in the butt to paint, I settled on the Inferno BAT color scheme.

Wall Cloud – Single Card 7.99$ MSRP

From the desk of Bucky:
Wall Cloud was pieced together very quickly.  As soon as I had found an "air" type name, I knew exactly what I wanted him to look like.  I painted him up to "look" like a storm, with greys, blacks, and the yellow.  He is topped off with a Renegades Ripcord head, donated from the original concept for Tango that I accidentally destroyed.  A happy accident, as it gave me the opportunity to create two diverse characters as opposed to just one.

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