Thursday, 17 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 17 - Crusher Tank w. General Warhorse

Crusher Tank w. General Warhorse – Delta Vehicle 19.99$ MSRP
You control the action – forward, reverse, left, right… just like a real tank. Powerful motor and super traction tank treads to climb over obstacles. You can turn and elevate the battle cannon. Includes GI Joe Tank Commander:  General Warhorse. Other figure sold separately.

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
One element that has been missing from recent Joe lines is a full-size good guy tank. We almost got one during RoC. Before then, the most recent Joe tank was the MoBAT re-issue during the 25th anniversary. I tried to remedy that with the Crusher. It uses a MoBAT base, so it is still compact. However, the turret can seat two figures.

General Warhorse started out very differently than where he ended up. Originally, the character was to be named Blitzkrieg, wore a beret and a tanker’s jacket and headset. The recipe wasn’t working for me and I struggled to find a color scheme that made sense. In the end, I reworked the whole figure. I went with a WWII/Korean War look and feel. I wanted to give the sense of a grizzled veteran of many wars who had risen up the ranks.

*** Edit: Sam, our graphic artist extraordinaire, strikes again! Late thsi afternoon, he sent through the packaging art for the Crusher! Thanks Sam!


  1. I hope I'm not being too much of a pest, today, but I still can't get over the amount and quality of work and imagination and creativity that went into this project… How did you make the General here, easily another of my favorites?

    Also: have any of you thought about writing a story with these guys for Kindle Worlds? Might that be an outside chance to actually get some of these characters made as part of the line?

    Also: would you have any objections to a middle-aged fanboy who wears his enthusiasm on his sleeve trying his hand at some art for these guys?

  2. No problem man. Give it a go! We're really happy that this project seems to have inspired so many people to get customizing.

    For Warhorse, he has a RoC Heavy Metal torso and arms, RoC Pit Commando legs, a Ret Firefly head and a helmet from Captain America.

    If you like the Resurgence universe, we have a couple of pieces of fiction out there.

    Lifeline_MD wrote a short story:

    And we have Operation Waterfront that is a prequel to Resurgence II coming this Summer: