Friday, 11 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 11 - Breacher

Breacher – Single Card 7.99$ MSRP

GITrekker supplied the great filecard!

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
Breacher was the first figure I finished for this project. My intent, in crafting this figure, was to create a SWAT-type Joe for this line that was not Shockwave or one of his clones.He turned out to be one of my favorites from the project.

But wait, that's not it for today. After we started revealing our project, a gentleman named Sam approached Bucky. Sam is an accomplished graphic designer and it seems our project inspired him. He made something very special for us.

In his own words, from the desk of Sam:
''As Kirk Bozigian tells his audiences every year at Joe Con, the launch of the Real American Hero line is a thing of beauty. An insidious plot. From the first commercial for the Marvel comic, I was hooked. And ever since, G.I. Joe has been one of my life's passions.

Fast forward to my career in marketing. Sitting at one of Kirk's aforementioned talks, I realize that every trick in my ad arsenal comes from Joe: pack-ins, 360 multi-channel efforts, promising and delivering on quality, sweating the small stuff and most importantly, detail, detail and more detail!

How could I give back to Joe? I tried and failed to entice the Hasbro team in my marketing acumen, despite working on launches for food clients like Del Monte, Heinz and Hormel, not to mention my industry experience on Fijit Friends for Mattel.

I look at G.I. Joe in it's fiftieth anniversary and I see a brand that's filled with holes and hanging on for life. But it doesn't have to be that way! When I saw the OreoBuilder and Bucky were doing this project, my excitement could not be contained. This is how G.I. Joe should be done!

How could I pitch in? Well, this is the package I'd love to see on the shelves. And here's some of the why's:

G.I. Joe should shout loud and proud: USA! I was inspired by the Dark Horse comic covers Frank Miller did, with the bold graphic American flag look. Originally, this had ninja elements, but Bucky and OB wanted something new and now. I completely agreed.

The package needs to be cheap for HASBRO to produce. My idea: variable print areas. The name of the character can be changed on every side panel without printing tons of unique card fronts. Plus, the name is on the right so that it's easy to find exactly who you are looking for on shelf!

I wanted the G.I. Joe loud and proud on the top, reversed from black. Everything is bold and in your face - like it should be!

Finally, I am sick and tired of the brand reflecting video games like Call of Duty. It should influence others! Therefore, every single character in the line is available to unlock in the G.I. Joe Battle Ground game. That way, there's a cross-sell between the mobile game and the toy. If you only play the game, there's now a reason to but the toy. And vice versa.

The back was pretty much a happy accident - I hit right onto what the guys were thinking. Show the next figures and hint at who could be next, just like the card backs we grew up with!

The Rescue Duke just happened - I ended up getting really close to what they wanted on the first pass. And the FLAG POINTS are important. Again, as it should be.

I just want to say thanks that I was included in this. The only bad part of this project is that this isn't the line you'll be buying in August at TOYS R US.''


  1. That is some awesome package art.

  2. Thanks! I'll pass that on to Sam!


  3. Just... Wow... So much awesome! Definite proof that there is still life in this 50 year old toy.

  4. Thanks. Breacher is my favorite figure (in the ones that I crafted anyway) of this project. Trekker's filecard and Sam's packaging just made this figure that much more special for me.


  5. The packaging designs here are just a thing of beauty. They beat most lines on the shelves right now.

    Breacher is one of my favorites. I think I'd like to try him, too… Is that a Rise of Cobra Night Adder vest? What else did you use?

  6. Thanks Erik! Breacher is actually quite simple. He is pretty much just a Renegades Cobra Trooper with the Night Adder vest and RoC Pit Commando visor.