Thursday, 10 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 10 - Recon Sled w. Throttle

Recon Sled – Bravo Vehicle 14.99$ MSRP
Advance deep into Cobra territory in this superior armored LCV (Low Crawl Vehicle). Throttle operates the sled visually through the dashboard –mounted HUD. Includes GI Joe driver Throttle.

From the desk of Bucky:
Not much to say on the recon sled, I was just browsing the toys at tru one day trying to find something unique to use as a vehicle for the project.  I found this, and had never seen it before.  The minute I saw it, I thought "updated recon sled" and that is the story behind it.  I used cobrastickers and some others to spruce it up.  I really like the way it turned out.

From the desk of Dusty79:
The design of this figure was a definite collaboration between myself and Bucky.  I was shown photos of the Recon Sled and asked to design a driver for that vehicle created by Bucky.  As soon as I saw the Recon Sled, I immediately knew I wanted to create a figure with integrated body armor that would make him seem to become a part of the vehicle.  There was a lot of part swapping and bouncing ideas back and forth and from head to toe, the gauntlets, the leg recipe, the backpack mounted weapons, the radically modded helmet, there were more changes to this figure than during any other custom I have ever done.   The helmet alone had four different versions.  Neither of us wanted to let this one go through until it was just right.  I honestly don't think I could have come up with this one on my own.  It was definitely a case of two heads are better than one and Bucky offered great suggestions and pushed me just enough to get this figure exactly where it needed to be.


  1. I suppose my wallet should be thankful that these are only customs, because I would be broke!

  2. Dusty made a couple of very meaningful contributions to this project and this is one of them. He really helped Bucky and I out down the stretch by kicking in those extra customs to put us over the top.